Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Musings of a New Mother

This is a poem I wrote 17 years ago when my baby daughter was born....

A new star
On the horizon;
A new dawn
In my life;
New aspirations
Within my heart;
A new individual –
My daughter!

A new dream
I now weave;
A new hope
In my soul;
New dimensions
To my thoughts;
A new role to play –
Her mother!

A new life
In this world;
A new change
In my routine;
New worries, anxieties
As time rolls;
A new world to build
My daughter grows!

-Geeta Abraham Jose


VIDYA said...

:) tht s lowely one. mahi is lucky! so r u ofcourse!

Geets said...

thanks, twinkletoes. how are you these days? your pics on orkut are fabulous.