Monday, September 10, 2007

The Day the World Changed Forever

Invisible City

Sweet and bitter smoke stains the air
The verb stains has a thread torn out

I step out to the linden grove
Bruised trees are the color of sand.

Something uncoils and blows at my feet.
Sliver of mist? Bolt of beatitude?

A scrap of what was once called sky?
I murmur words that come to me

Tall towers, twin towers I used to see.
A bloody seam of sense drops free.

By Liberty Street, on a knot of rubble
In altered light, I see a bird cry.

by Meena Alexander(author of Fault Lines, Nampally Road etc)


Jac said...

Have a link to meena's poems ???

The tag is done !!!

Geets said...

thanks jac, for doing the tag.

you could read meena's poems on she is a malayalee who grew up in sudan.

Jac said...

I did surf her pages. Thanks.